Uncategorized September 2019 SEPTEMBER  REAL ESTATE BLOG Happy fall everyone!  The weather definitely changed in September with cooler evenings and shorter days. This change in climate did not seem to have much effect on our market with 18 active listings compared to only 7 in September of 2018. The most noticeable difference in our market is days on […]
Uncategorized August 2019 ACTIVE LISTINGS  Address List Price Beds/ Baths Year Built Sq.Ft Price p/sq.ft 4755 Sand Point Way NE $869,950 4/3.5 1970 2,060 $422.31 5107 48th Ave NE $999,950 4/1 1943 2,110 $473.91 4278 NE 50th St $999,950 4/2.5 2019 2,045 $488.97 4314 NE 41st St $1,495,000 5/2.25 1930 2,890 $517.30 4014 45th Ave NE $1,550,000 4/2.75 […]
Uncategorized July 2019 JULY REAL ESTATE BLOG July has been an interesting month in Laurelhurst. I was just comparing my notes and statistics from July 2018 when I commented on the fact that there were more active listings in July of 2018 since 2015. Well, this July has proven to have even more active listings with a total […]
Uncategorized June 2019 JUNE REAL ESTATE BLOG Happy end of June everyone! Interestingly enough June of 2019 and 2018 were quite similar.  The number of sold homes in 2018 was 7 and 6 in 2019. Also the median sale price was slightly less in 2018, $1,500,000 compared to this Junes median sales price of $1,524,000.  By far the […]
Uncategorized May 2019 MAY REAL ESTATE BLOG Happy June everyone!  Well as you can see the market in Laurelhurst is very very active!  I honestly can’t remember the last time we had so many active listings. As you will note we also saw a decrease in the median sales price from last year, and have quite a few […]
Uncategorized April 2019 APRIL REAL ESTATE BLOG As you can see from the April data spring has arrived and we have more inventory on the market than we have had thus far this year! On the one hand this is a good thing on the other hand it has increased the days on market and homes are not […]
Uncategorized March 2019 MARCH REAL ESTATE BLOG March was an encouraging month for buyers as we had 11 active listings. In comparing March of 2019 to March of 2018 the largest contrast are days on market. This March the days on market was longer resulting in fewer sold properties 2 vs. 5 in March of 2018. This March […]
Uncategorized February 2019 FEBRUARY  REAL ESTATE BLOG February is a short month not to mention all the snow we had which, at least in the real estate world, resulted in a grinding halt. It is hard to say if this winter phenomenon adversely affected our market but I think it probably did. Only 6 active listings  5 of […]
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Uncategorized January 2019 JANUARY  REAL ESTATE BLOG January brought mild weather, more sun and less active listings in Laurelhurst. This is a citywide trend, but let’s break it down for our neighborhood. January 2018   4 sold homes averaging 28 days on the market January 2019   4 sold homes averaging 70 days on the market January 2018  […]
Uncategorized December RE Blog DECEMBER AND YEAR END REAL ESTATE BLOG December of 2018 was very quiet with only 3 new listings and only 1 sold property. December 2017 didn’t have any new listings so this is a 300% increase from last year. The days on market have definitely increased. This trend actually started at the beginning of this […]
Uncategorized November 2018 NOVEMBER REAL ESTATE BLOG I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and gearing up for the New Year. If you have been reading the Seattle Times you are probably all very concerned about the state of our housing market. Yes the market has changed, the good news is that we now appear to be […]
Uncategorized October 2018 OCTOBER REAL ESTATE BLOG Despite the negative real estate downturn depicted in the news, Laurelhurst has decided not to listen! This resulted in a strong October. We had 7 new listings in October, and of those 5 received offers with a few having multiple offers. Four homes closed in October with a median sales price […]
Uncategorized September 2018 SEPTEMBER REAL ESTATE BLOG September ended up being a much busier month than August, with 4 new listings and of those, 3 went under contract in less than 8 days on the market. 8 homes sold this month, but notice that of those 8 properties all but one of them sold for at or over […]
Uncategorized August 2018 AUGUST REAL ESTATE BLOG There is just one statement to define our market in August. It basically went on vacation!  Only 2 new listings, but the good news for those homeowners is that they both received offers and are pending. As you have been hearing in the news the market appears to have slowed down […]
Uncategorized July 2018 JULY REAL ESTATE BLOG July was a very busy month in our neighborhood with some interesting market developments. First of all for the first time in approximately 5 years we had 15 active listings in July! Across the city more properties have been coming on the market, however the market has slowed resulting in an […]
Uncategorized June 2018 JUNE REAL ESTATE BLOG Happy summer everyone! June was rather quiet in the neighborhood with only 5 new listings.  As you will see from the chart days on market, which has typically been under 10 days, has increased considerably. The most important takeaway is that it appears the market is cooling down a bit, with […]
Uncategorized May 2018 MAY REAL ESTATE BLOG May proved to be our most active month for listings in 2018, with 8 new active listings with 5 that went from active to pending with an average of 10 days on the market. Also noteworthy is the median home price ($1,788,000), this was greatly effected by the beautiful waterfront home […]
Uncategorized April 2018 APRIL REAL ESTATE BLOG April was very quiet in the neighborhood with only 3 new listings!  Of those three, two received offers and are now pending. It is such a sellers market, especially in a sought after neighborhood like Laurelhurst. Also of note is that two waterfront homes were recently listed with one selling with […]
Uncategorized March 2018 MARCH REAL ESTATE BLOG The market picked up in March which is consistent with our annual spring inventory surge. Surge is probably not a fair term when you consider there are approximately 1,600 homes in Laurelhurst, and there were only 5 new listings in March, with 4 active listings having 39 or more days on […]
Uncategorized February 2018 FEBRUARY REAL ESTATE BLOG   February was very consistent with our February 2017 market in Laurelhurst.  However it is interesting to note that home sales in King County were down 16.53% from February 2017. Inventory was down 18%. This of course results in many multiple offers which pushes the closing price up considerably.   In […]